• Co-create beautiful places

    Co-create with the community and they will love you
  • Co-create beautiful places

    Co-create with the community and they will support you
  • Co-create beautiful places

    Co-create with the community and they will respect you
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It all starts with a name

The local community identifies a name to represent their initiative defining the future

A community identifies its soul

The local community's values, heritage and history are understood

A vision is cast with public support

Ideas are prioritized and vetted for investment feasibility

A plan for investment is fast tracked

With the community and private sector collaborating, municipal entitlements are fast tracked

It ends with collective investment

With a defined market and public support, both private sector and community investment follows, places become reality
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  • It's Crowdsourced Placemaking

    CSPM stands for crowdsourced placemaking, sourcing a crowd to make places. Because the community is legitimately involved, there is community support. Because of that support, the project is fast tracked. With fast-tracked approvals and community support, investors are motivated to invest.
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What CSPM Group does

CSPM Group focuses on nurturing a co-creation mindset between three primary groups: The local community, the municipality and the private sector. All three must be in sync to co-create beautiful places.

The glue to this symphonic partnership is a co-commitment to the triple bottom line; being economically, socially and environmentally beneficial. Everyone gets what they need: The local community is listened to and its values realized, the municipality has happy citizens and sustainable sources of revenue, and the private sector has a predictable path to profit.

At the heart of all of this is a legitimate process, one that is trustworthy, fair and predictable. Deny people legitimacy, and they will come out and defeat you. Provide legitimacy and they will support you enthusiastically.

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The Three Primary Groups





Where we’re working

  • image A partnership between the City of New Rochelle and master developer RDRXR will create the redevelopment plan for the city's downtown through a public and transparent process that will involve local stakeholders, including businesses, residents and property owners, utilizing the nationally-renowned program, crowdsourced placemaking. Read More

    New Rochelle

  • image According to the master developer, the 1000 members of the crowdsourced placemaking community, Renew Hempstead, have had a profound impact on how the downtown revitalization of the Village of Hempstead will move forward, covering 20-25 acres. Read More

    Village of Hempstead, NY

  • image Through CSPM Group, the Riverside community invested nine months developing ideas and feedback from thousands of residents, some of whom applauded as the plan was handed to town board members. Read More

    Riverside, NY

  • image The revitalization of downtown Huntington Station began in 2012, stating with local happy hours and meet-ups. The crowdsourced placemaking community, Source the Station, defined public safety, local job creation and local businesses as their top priorities. Read More

    Huntington Station, NY

  • image beHBG is the City of Harrisburg’s Comprehensive Plan process to create a vision for the future of the city and determine how it should evolve, develop, and grow over the next twenty years, utilizing CSPM Group's crowdsourced placemaking system. Read More

    Harrisburg, PA

  • image The redevelopment of downtown Bristol, Connecticut, home of ESPN, began in 2010. The local community named their crowdsourced placemaking initiative Bristol Rising, and defined a piazza as the centerpiece of their downtown revitalization. Read More

    Bristol, CT

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