After three hearings with the Department of Public Works (DPW), the last signature to cap off the approval of the Site Plan was penned. In addition, McDonald’s is officially moving from the Riverside Avenue site. Renaissance also began conversations on a second set of zoning amendments for transition areas of downtown, including the West End, Summer Street and West Street, to create a more contiguous downtown experience consistent with a walkable urban environment.

Meanwhile, at 11 Summer Street, a local developer began construction on a new 6-unit residential building as the Summer Street residents celebrated their collective involvement in transforming (image above) what was formerly a dangerous, drug-ridden place into a safe, welcoming neighborhood.

At the end of April, 139 LOIs had been signed for residential units, with a goal of 150. 8 LOIs have been signed from prospective retailers.

In mid-March, the crowd put on a demonstration of crowdsourced placemaking applied to storefront business development when it supported Dawn McKenna’s Dawn’s Deli idea with 100 Likes in two days (a Bristol Rising record) and <a href=””>sold out a tasting event</a> (image below) with 100 tickets three weeks later in early April. That prompted Dawn to receive an offer to <a href=””>incubate her business within an existing venue, the Downtown Cafe</a> as she seeks to open her own place.