The City of New Rochelle and RDRXR entered into a Master Developer Agreement on December 15, 2014, formalizing a Public-Private Partnership between the City and RDRXR that will be responsible for the comprehensive revitalization and redevelopment of downtown New Rochelle, complementing and building on the wonderful assets that currently exist in the area. RDRXR is a joint venture between two of the Tri-State area’s most respected real estate firms, Renaissance Downtowns and RXR Realty.

The partnership between the City and RDRXR will create the redevelopment plan for downtown New Rochelle through a public and transparent process that will involve local stakeholders, including businesses, residents and property owners, utilizing a nationally-renowned program called crowdsourced placemaking. This program encourages members of the community to get involved in the process by joining monthly meet-ups, participating in local business campaigns, and submitting and ‘Liking’ ideas on this website that they would like to see incorporated into the plan.

Through these crowdsourced placemaking efforts, RDRXR will “co-create” the New Rochelle redevelopment plan, ensuring that it contains elements (e.g., types of uses, businesses, amenities, etc.) that are proposed and supported by a wide-range of stakeholders and simultaneously rigorously tested against market realities.

The formal launch of the crowdsourced placemaking program begin in late March, beginning with naming their crowdsourced placemaking community, NR Future.