Renew Hempstead, the crowdsourced placemaking initiative in the Village of Hempstead, managed by CSPM Group, conducted one of the community’s first downtown evening outdoor events, titled Hempstead Nights: Music in the Street. Showcasing local artists, they had a great turnout and demonstrated that people can feel safe in the downtown at night.

As part of the Hempstead Six (H6) initiative, where residents define downtown revitalization in their own terms through six areas of focus, Renew Hempstead has provided monthly grants to programs or events that best support the H6. Each month Renew Hempstead will provide a Hempstead Six grant of $500 to a winning proposal. They are also providing one $250 grant every month for each of the six initiatives. Below are the winners from the first two months of the program:

November 2015 Grant Winners

  • $500 Hempstead Six: Community public safety program (Shelton Munlin, SJR Security)
  • $250 Cultural Business District: Poetry slam (Jerome Hall, RAWW/Renowned Artists Worldwide)
  • $250 Entrepreneurial Development: Entrepreneurs Collective (Wanda Jones)
  • $250 Village Beautiful: Diabetes and wellness educational collateral (Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of N.Y.C.)
  • $250 Young People + Education: Holiday Talent Showcase (Youth Empowerment Institute)
  • $250 Village Beautiful: It’s Your Tribe! Creative Community Chat event (Alicia Evans)

October 2015 Grant Winners

  • $500 Hempstead Six: Young People Network Mixer (Shalana Smith)
  • $250 Entrepreneurial Development: Monthly Entrepreneurs Roundtables for New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Wanda Jones)
  • $250 Young People + Education: College Campus Tours for Young People (Hempstead Boys & Girls Club)
  • $250 Young People + Education: “Think Like a Scientist” STEM program for kids (Donna Febres, STEM Institute)
  • $250 Job + Career Training: Jobs Summit (ABBA Leadership Center)